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News: THOR's Patient Flow Management with Clinical Extenders - V2R3M0 is being released to coincide with the Vision 2010 conference.

THOR has a long history of working with hospitals running MedSeries4. In order to recognize our relationship with MS4 hospitals and Siemens we are proudly announcing our latest release at the 2010 Vision conference.

If your facility is running Clinical Suite or is thinking of adding Clinical Suite, THOR is a must have. We have enhanced our notification capabilities to further leverage your investment in Clinical Suite. We can send out notifications (pager, email, text pager, image on tracking board, etc.) for values entered into any assessment, any order, or any lab result. In addition we can escalate any notification if it isn't acted upon within a configurable time. We can also update registration user defined flags/fields with assessment values from Clinical Suite. So information only has to be entered once.

Besides the additional integration with Clinical Suite, numerous other hospital requested enhancements are included in the release. Some of the new features include:

  • Tracking Care Giver time with a patient. We can now record when a doctor, nurse, etc is with a patient. A visual alert also displays on our tracking board showing a care giver is currently with the patient.
  • The ED Console can now be configured to show up to 9 other staff members.
  • Nurses and Physicians can be quickly assigned to patients using drop down lists.
  • Columns on th ED Console can be reordered
  • Allergies are now reflected in our displays
  • Up to 5 infectious flags can be tracked.
  • Up to 36 user defined flags can be tracked.
  • Enhancements to the user interface.

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